The Basics For Choosing A New Garage Door

Finding and deciding on a garage door can be a challenging prospect when you’re looking to replace or an existing door. It seems like a straightforward endeavor, but in fact there are many things to consider before making your selection. You’ll find that there is more than one type of door on the market, and to complicate matters, there are several items and features you should know before making a purchase. Among these features is to know what type of material your door should be made of.

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Depending on the space available and requirements, you can choose from a roller garage door, sectional garage door, side-hinged door or an up and over garage door. A roller garage door is just as the name suggests, it rolls up onto  a drum directly above the door opening. Sectional garage doors have hinged sections and as it opens it is raised on a track to an open position parallel to the ceiling. A side hinged door opens much like your front door and hinges to the side. Knowing your space requirements and preferences will help you make the right selection.

When it comes to selecting the material for your garage door you’ll find steel, fiberglass, wood and polyethylene base. Steel doors are obviously the strongest and most durable, and you’ll find that polyethylene base doors don’t dent, fade, rust or need repainting. Fiberglass doors are a great option if you want natural light to pass through – these materials are translucent and maintenance free. Your conventional wooden doors are an inexpensive option but keep in mind that the maintenance cost is a bit higher than any of the other options. Wooden doors require regular maintenance and check-ups for rooting and warping.

Today our garage is used for more than storing our vehicles. It is our workshop, tool storage, toy storage and much more. Having a door that insulates well is an essential element to consider, especially if the garage is attached to the home. The R-value rating of a garage door tells you  how well it insulates. The higher the R-value the better it insulates. Some of the terms used in selecting a garage door are headroom and  sideroom. These are the parameters used for selecting a suitable garage door. The headroom is the amount of space measured from the top of the garage door to the ceiling. The sideroom is the amount of space or distance from the side of the garage door to the wall of the garage.

The garage door typically accounts for about 30% of the visible part of your home. So why not increase your homes curb appeal and choose the best fit and look for your home. Get more information about garage door installation here

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