Design Ideas For Stamped Concrete

We all know that stamped concrete is a great aesthetically-pleasing design feature for any home. It can be used to bring life to a dour driveway, patio, walkway, garden or pool area. Here are a few ways to get your creative juices flowing and generate some ideas for the type of stamped concrete designs you may wish to consider.

Patio concrete design
  • Look at the Building’s Construction
    The construction of the house or building should always be the first place to look when looking for some ideas for applying a stamped concrete When working with a more traditional style brick house, then you will probably want to reflect the brick theme in your hardscaping. Your budget will dictate whether you can afford a complete brick-patterned driveway or you just have to make do with a brick-pattern border.

Choosing your colors is just as easy. Look at the main structural elements to the building, for example the color of the roof, window trims, sidings and any other colored structures on the outside of the house. Try and incorporate the same hues in your concrete color, or go with a color that compliments your existing color features. You are aiming for a harmony with the color and pattern, not a striking and glaring contrast.

  • Review Manufacturers Materials
    You can get many ideas from the information and pictures and images included in brochures published by the stamp manufacturers. Examine their literature for images of truly beautiful examples of stamped concrete and great ideas of how to combine the different designs in your final product. Just Google “stamped concrete manufacturers” to find a list of manufacturers. You can review their information online or request hard copies of their brochures.
  • Search Online for Photo Ideas
    You can perform an image search on Google for “stamped concrete design ideas”. Also, most of the major concreting companies have galleries on their websites, highlighting their previous work. These websites are often a great source of inspirational ideas for your design.
  • Go to the Mall, or a Theme Park!
    You can plenty of ideas when you are just out and about! Theme parks, eg. Sea World, Disneyland, and Six Flags, use stamped concrete in a large variety of different ways. Look at the patterns used for “way-finding” walkways that guide visitors through the park. You will also see plenty of stamped concrete in outdoor malls, arboretums, and many other outdoor public places.

Once you have found a design you like, contact your local concrete contractor and see if he is familiar with stamped concrete installations. If he is, you are all set to go! He may even have some design ideas of his own!!

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