How To Install Impact Resistant Windows

fort lauderdale, flImpact windows, also referred to as impact resistant windows or hurricane windows are installed in places where hurricanes and storms can occasion the unexpected destruction to homes and properties.

Though these windows are essential to homeowners residing in places susceptible to hurricanes and storms such as the coastal areas of Fort Lauderdale FL, scores of homeowners refrain from impact windows since they have a misconception that installing impact windows is a mammoth task.

On the contrary, installing these windows is just like installing other regular windows and one can do it with the help of only two people. Some of these windows come with a guide for installation; therefore you can install them on your own even without the help of a carpenter. If you are considering these window replacements for your home, this is how installation of Fort Lauderdale Impact Windows should go about it.

  • Start by measuring the dimensions of the opening where you plan to install the hurricane window of your choice.
  • Buy an impact window that matches the exact dimensions of the opening to ensure that it fits properly on the opening.
  • Use a utility knife to cut the window’s water resistive barrier. Once you have cut the barrier, fold its side panels into the exterior of the window and over the opening.
  • Staple these panels into place. Fit the window into place. You can make use of shims for purposes of holding the impact window in place.
  • If the window you intend to install already has installation clips, you can use them to hold the window in place before nailing it into the frame. Nail the hurricane window into the frame. You can nail the window by drilling screws through its installation clips.impact resistant windows fort lauderdale
  • If your home is located near salt water bodies, make use of stainless steel screws since they are not susceptible to rust. For purposes of preventing the air from leaking through the window, it is imperative to place a lining of silicone caulk along the edges of the window’s frame.

Follow these steps and your DIY home improvement project will surely be a piece of cake.

Taking Care of Impact Windows

Here are a few things you should avoid doing when cleaning your Florida impact glass windows:

  • Find a shaded area to wash your glass, avoid washing this type of energy efficient glass in direct light from the sun.
  • You should never use any king of petroleum based cleaning agents or caustic cleaning chemicals on this type of glass.
  • Never clean this impact resistant glass with a putty knife, razor blade or an abrasive pad.
  • After you finish washing your windows, do not use a high pressure nozzle to spray the spray the glass for rinsing.
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