Want An Idea For Your Next Home Improvement Project?

Hurricane proof windows have so many advantages that will encourage you to consider them for your next home improvement project. Below we will discuss several of the top reasons why you and your family should not hesitate to purchase these impact windows for your house.

Burglary Protection

These types of windows are built with a very strong construction and design that makes them almost impossible to break with normal rocks or weapons that a would-be burglar would use. When you think about it, traditional windows are easily accessible by using metal cutters to cut the glass or some other sturdy structure that can easily break the glass. Hurricane windows provide an extra layer of resistance that is tamper proof that can make your house very hard to penetrate for the average robber. It is no simple task to dismantle, cut or break these windows. This is why if you want additional security that your alarm can’t provide; you can get it from these types of storm windows that provide 24 hour protection from robbers.

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Hurricane and Storm Protection

We all know that hurricanes and storms can create a lot of disaster. This is why you should not hesitate to install these impact resistant windows in your home and other real estate that are located in areas that get tropical storms each year. These impact windows can stand up against not just strong winds, but also object around the exterior of your home that may become loose, like your neighbors roof tile or a potted plant, in either case they are no match for the sturdy design of these windows. If you want to avoid having to spend extra money after a hurricane has damaged your home, then installation of these windows will definitely control the cost of repairs after a hurricane. Another benefit is they can keep rain water outside, that could possibly leak through traditional windows and cause damage to your walls and flooring.

UV Ray Protection

UV rays are known to damage some of our most expensive belongings, such as furniture, electronics and expensive fabrics in our homes, but with hurricane windows we no longer have to worry about this as a UV ray protection is an added benefit along with protection from burglaries, storms and hurricanes. Not to mention that the harmful UV rays can lead to some types of possible skin cancers, especially if you are exposed to these harmful rays over time.

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Cooling and Heating Cost Reduction

Ok, if you are still not convinced that you need to get hurricane resistant windows, then here is a benefit that is almost guaranteed to motivate you. These types of windows can play a very important role in reducing both your cooling expenses and your heating expenses. The reason is that these very windows will create air tight insulation for your home, making it hard for cool air or hot air to escape, this way your air conditioning or heat unit will end up working less and as a result you will see a reduction if your cooling and heating cost in the future. Talk about return on investment, that’s right over time these windows can indeed pay for themselves once you install them, you will see an immediate reduction on your cooling and heating bills.

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